US TV Abroad

American is well know for its huge quantity of TV channels, though perhaps equally well known for the poor quality of many of its shows. That said many of the biggest hits in the world of TV over the years have come from the US. So its only natural people would want to watch US TV abroad.

Now American TV is not quite as easy to watch as UK TV, well normally anyway. For various reasons the US networks often do not work via proxies, this is simply because of the way the programs are delivered. Normally the easiest way around this would be to use a VPN, a server which is also included with Identity Cloaker. A VPN send ALL your traffic via the USA, and as such it allows you to watch US TV abroad. If you watch the videos in the ‘See It Working’ section you will notice I have not used a VPN to watch US TV abroad. How? Well this is a special feature of the next version of Identity Cloaker, and is set to make life easier for us all!

If you want to use this version please just place an order for the regular version then let the support desk know you want to try the new version so you can more easily watch American TV.

Watch US TV Abroad

Useful Links To US TV

  • Comedy Central
  • StarZ
  • USA Network
  • Fx
  • MTV
  • AMC TV
  • Disney (Subscription)
  • HBO (Subscription)