UK TV Abroad

While it is certainly true most people who watch UK TV abroad are mostly interested in the BBC’s iPlayer service it would be unfair to not consider all the other packages that are available. Long gone are the days when the UK only had a few TV channels to choose from, though it could probably be argued that content quality has not matched content quantity!Never the less it is very easy to watch UK TV abroad.

Just like with BBC TV most UK TV is geographically locked so it can only be viewed by those living in the UK. That is until you purchase our software of course!

When watching of UK TV providers you often have the choice of watching either directly from the TV company themselves or from a third party website. The advantage of the third party sites is you can sometimes pay a small premium each month to watch without advertising.

Watch UK TV Abroad


Useful Links

Direct Broadcasters

Companies Offering Rebroadcasting

  • SeaSaw TV – Showing the best of UK TV from the BBC, Channel4, & Five
  • Zattoo