BBC iPlayer Abroad

Ever since the BBCs iPlayer service was originally announced back in 2003, when it was ‘Interactive Media Player, it has been the one everybody wants to watch. We are not completley sure what it is about the BBC that attracts so many people, however more users watch BBC Television through our service than all the other TV packages combined.

It is perhaps the diversity of what’s on offers, from world famours soaps like Eastenders, entertainment shows like Top Gear or of course the BBCs fantastic lineup of sports including perhaps the worlds best Forumla One Grand Prix coverage.

During the very earliest trials of the iPlayer service it was often possible to watch it around the world without any difficulty, however since its official launch it has been impossible to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. The service is locked based on UK IP addresses, though through a bizar twist some people in France actually have a UK IP address and as such are able to watch iPlayer in France though not able to watch French TV online!

If you would like to enjoy iPlayer outside the UK then by far the easiest method is to install our software to fool iPlayer in to believing you are in the UK.

Our software is available as a 10 day trial, and then through subscriptions of 3,6 and 12 months. Or a copy today and being watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK in just a few minutes.

Check our the video in ‘See it working‘ to get an idea of how the software works, the video shows both UK and US TV being viewed in Australia.

Once you have our software up and running you can watch all the content of iPlayer abroad.

Watch iPlayer Abroad


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