Australian TV Abroad

Suprisingly Australia has a large choice in online TV, though perhaps the quality of that TV is not the highest in the world!

Until recently it has been very hard to watch Australian TV abroad, because very few companies could offer a cloaking service that works in Australia. However as of April 2011 we have become one of the first companies to offer you the chance to watch live Australian TV anywhere in the world! Want to watch the latest eppisode of Neighbours rather than waiting months for it to be on in the UK? No problem!

Other highlights of Australian TV include Top Gear Australia, a version of the format so terrible you just have to see it, as well as local and current affairs programs for all you Australians living abroad. Want to watch the local news from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? No problem!

Once you have your copy of Identity Cloaker simply open the program and choose Australia from the list of countries, click connect and you will be able to watch Australian TV abroad. It’s as simple as that!

Now we always recomend you turn off ‘encryption’ in Identity Cloaker when watching TV, as it’s not needed, however for watching Australian TV it’s very important you have it turned off. Australian Internet connections are almost all throttled when the connection is encrypted.

Watch Australian TV Abroad


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