See it working

It’s all very nice reading about watching US & UK TV abroad, but what about putting all that theory in to practice?

The best way to truly demonstrate how easy it is to watch Hulu and BBC iPlayer abroad is simply to show you it working.

In this video I will demonstrate the entire process from starting up Identity Cloaker software, selecting a UK IP address and then of course watching UK TV abroad. The video has been filmed while in Australia, which is about as far as you can get from the UK without heading back again! Australian Internet connections are generally pretty slow, thus when you see it working there you know it’s going to work just about anywhere.

Order your copy of Identity Cloaker today, and be watching Australian, Canadian, US and UK TV in just a few minutes.

For the video I am using the latest version of Identity Cloaker, which is at the time of writing in Beta release. If you want to use this version then please contact me and I will arrange for you to get access.