About Us

The software we use to provide this service is called ‘Identity Cloaker‘. This package was originally developed back in 2008 to better protect users online by cloaking their IP address and encrypting their data, encryption so strong even Government agencies would have a great deal of trouble breaking it.

A by-product of this cloaking technology is that Identity Cloaker is able to fool websites in to believe you are living somewhere else. If you select the UK from the list of countries within the program then any website you visit will believe you are located in the UK, similarly selecting the USA will make them believe you are actually in the USA. As a result any websites that intentionally block traffic from certain countries, such as almost all television sites do, will be fooled in to allowing your to view their content.

When you purchase a subscription to Identity Cloaker you not only get this ability to watch TV from around the world, but you also get the chance to use Identity Cloaker for its orignal purpose.

Safer Web Surfing.

You will find much more information on the security aspects of the software on the Identity Cloaker website.